The potted winter garden.

The potted winter garden is doing good so far.

We decided to wait until the springtime to build the planter boxes. This way we have plenty of time to design the sizes and layout of the boxes. More importantly it gives us a chance to see the  sun exposure in the backyard during the winter months. Not that it really gets cold in Florida for very long but everything I grow requires direct sun light. So it’s important.

So what did I plant?

Sweet peas, these never really make it into the house. I like to stand and eat them in front of the plant. :) There’s also purple green beans and radishes.

In the other galvanized tubs are mini acorn squash, (crowded) tomatoes and kale. The acorn squash I’ve tried to grow for the past 2 years with no luck so I’m not going to get too excited about those.
However, this is the first time I’ve tried to grow black kale (aka Tuscan/dinosaur kale). I’ve read wonderful things about the taste of it so I’m excited about harvesting some soon, hopefully!
As for growing tomatoes in winter…fingers crossed! Last winter was pretty mild so hopefully this year will be too.

Oh, and how exciting! The little lemon tree finally got his first flower. Only two flower buds so far. I’m curious to see if we’ll get more this year.

The Meyer lemons are starting to turn yellow. Can you believe how big they are? Especially since the tree is so tiny. …I also found a lime! The tree flowered again at the end of summer but I didn’t think any of the flower buds had set fruit. It was such a nice surprise to find that lime.

The Starfruit tree is still producing like crazy. There was a charity that was going to come and pick the fruit but they were rained out so I’m waiting on them to reschedule a time to come out. The shape of the tree was getting out of hand so Rick and a family friend, Bruce, trimmed it up a bit. I’m sure the neighbors are happy it’s no longer hanging in their yard and dropping fruit. (…thanks again Bruce for helping!)

The peppers didn’t produce a lot. But that’s ok, I didn’t really expect much since they were planted to densely or crammed into tiny pots. Haha, no those aren’t mini bell peppers, that’s the result of a crowded plant.

And lastly, because I’m still having a love affair with them…a zinnia. :)

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5 thoughts on “The potted winter garden.

  1. Good idea, sticking with pots for this winter. They all look nice and healthy…and yummy :)

  2. What a gorgeous and productive garden you are growing Emily :). SO glad that starfruit got a reprieve. One day you are going to be grateful you did that :). I am sure that the charity will be more than grateful to get the fruit and think of all of the people that will benefit from them (at least a bit of vit C for a change :) ). Love to see your winter garden. I bet it’s warmer there than it is here at the moment. It would appear winter has returned to Tassie. We even lit Brunhilda yesterday and baked a stromboli for tea!

  3. Good luck with your winter garden. We are in the process of raking leaves and then raking some more. The banana plant is dying, but we look forward to it coming alive again in many months! Keep the photos coming!

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