The potted garden.

The potted garden is still producing….well some of it is.

The tomatoes were eaten by two big fat Hornworms. The corn started to fruit and then the ears never filled in. And the poor cucumbers just couldn’t take the heat! However, the peppers and herbs are doing quite well.

We’re also finally(!) getting ground cherries. They fruited just before the move but never developed the fruit. These look like they’re doing the right thing so I’m excited. We got about a dozen limes this summer and the tree is starting to flower again, looks like we might get more this winter. Fingers crossed. they were delicious and incredibly juicy!

And yet another picture of a Zinnia. I can’t help myself, I love the colors!

another mini zinnia

And lastly, Einstein. …He had his 12th Birthday at the beginning of this month. Happy Birthday again to my little old man!


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7 thoughts on “The potted garden.

  1. I’ll have to try growing peppers in pots sometime! I’ve had worms in my potted tomato plants, too :(

    • Hi Nancy, thanks for stopping by!
      Yes! I’ve gotten great results with potted peppers…as long as I remember to not crowd them. ;)

  2. Einstein turned 12 and Bezial turned 6 and Einstein looks half the age of Bezial. Kudos on your handsome little man :). I wonder if Crackers could be taught to eat star fruit? ;)

    • Happy Birthday to Bezial!! :) …haha, again with the fruit ;) …hmm, do cats eat fruit?

    • Depends on the cat. My mums cat ate rockmelon and honeydew melon (rockmelon is your cantaloupe) so you never know. Dogs are supposed to do the same but our two only eat raw meat, the occasional dog biscuit (when they think we have been starving them), raw eggs and anything disgusting that they find on the side of the road before we realise what they are up to and drag them back in on their leads. They MIGHT taste a bit of cake occasionally but usually turn their noses up at it and fruit?!!! “The Devil’s stuff!”. Earl has been known to nibble on a sweet potato or two. He has been known to STEAL a sweet potato or two to nibble on but nibbling and eating are 2 very different things. Eating means no mess…nibbling means tiny orange bits all over the mat…sigh…

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