The new Vegetable Patch.

The new vegetable patch should do better at our new house. The backyard gets much more sun and has fewer trees hanging into the yard. We haven’t fully decided where to put my boxes or where to plant (finally!) the citrus trees, pomegranate and blueberry bush. The backyard is a squared, U-shape. So ideally I’d like them grouped together to make a mini orchard on one side of the backyard and on the side, planter boxes. Well see, I guess. It all depends on the amount of sun exposure in those areas.

Oh, and did I mention there’s a Starfruit (Carambola) tree in the backyard? We knew of the fruit tree, we just didn’t know what kind of fruit it made. I was excited at first but quickly became overwhelmed by how much it produces and the amount of time it takes to clean them up…and the fact that nobody seems to like them. I’m having a hard time giving them away and the yard constantly smells of overripe fruit. I’m not really a fan of the flavor but came up with some recipes hoping that I’d like them more and want to keep the tree. The sweets were good but sadly I think the tree still has to go.

My Zinnias are blooming again. These are my new favorite flower to grow from seed. I love the colors and how they stretch to the sky, as if to say “hello” as you walk by them. They also attract bees and butterflies, which is always nice and appreciated.

And lastly, I think I found “Charlotte’s web”.  ;)

charlotte's web

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9 thoughts on “The new Vegetable Patch.

  1. Oh please consider keeping the tree… Trees that produce fruit are so precious these days… I don’t know where you live, but if there is a latino market anywhere near you they would probably be glad to buy them from you. There are probably other ethnic grocers that would as well and there is always Second Harvest and food banks… I had a Carambola tree that I adored when we lived in Costa Rica. I just wrote a blog entry about it on my blog there is a recipe in the post for a fruit punch made with carambola and other tropical fruit. You can always up the amount of star fruit and cut back on the mandarines since you have an abundance. I just made the punch with one since I have to pay for them and they are pricey where I live. Enjoy your new place!

    • Hi Elle, thanks for stopping by! Fran gave me the link to your post, it was lovely!
      We’re not removing the tree any time soon, it’s just been overwhelming with the addition of getting settled into a new home. As for cooking with the fruit, honestly, the smell of overripe starfruit is not appetizing so it’s been hard to give the tree a chance. However, I did find a charity that will come pick the fruit so at least for now the starfruit aren’t wasted and we’re not overwhelmed. :)

    • Emily, So glad you found a charity that will lighten your load! I hope that you are soon happily settled into your place and enjoying your new home!

  2. NOOO! You can’t remove that tree! Why not erect a small chook yard underneath and let them clean up the fruits and you can benefit from 2 – 3 hens laying delicious eggs? Surely there is SOMEONE out there who likes them? If not, what about making jam or fruit leather or pickles with them? When life hands you starfruit, you just HAVE to make something out of it…

    • Haha, I love your enthusiasm Fran! The tree is extremely overwhelming, so well see how winter goes with it and if I can find someone that will take them. …I’ve been trying to come up with recipes to use the fruit but the smell of rotting fruit is making it difficult. ;)

    • You can’t have hens? Even 2 – 3 of them would make short work of those rotting fruits and you would get a few eggs in exchange and they only need a little bit of space (make a small pen around the base of the tree). Think of the eggs and the free nitrogen…

      Here’s a few recipes and there are lots more out there and do you have something akin to a charity group who takes donated food? I wonder if they could collect them for you?

      I feel like The Lorax! ;) Narf7 with a lovely little moustache and no clothes on (it doesn’t bear thinking about! ;) )

    • Haha, a very kind Lorax! ;) I would love chickens for fresh eggs but we aren’t ready for that kind of commitment just yet. However, I did see a new story on tv this week about a charity that will come pick the fruit. So thanks for mentioning that suggestion to me. :)

    • It’s a great idea as that tree is beautiful and prolific. You really shouldn’t mess around with your garden for a year. You should wait to see what pops up, what acts as shade etc. We found that out to our detriment when we accidentally dug up what appears to be a bulb garden :(. Would you believe Steve and I are both qualified horticulturalists? ;)

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