The Move.

The move went well.

The banana trees made it and are doing ok, for now. They’re definitely not happy stuck in those pots but we aren’t ready to decide where to plant them. The yard needs a lot of clean up and removal of unwanted/unneeded plants.

banana trees

The main banana tree started to fruit just after we moved. I’m happy but really bummed we didn’t get to try them. (this was the first time they fruited) Hopefully the two we brought with us survive and fruit next year. Fingers crossed!

fruited banana tree

Crackers’ transition was relatively smooth. I started to feed him inside at the old house to get him used to being inside. But that didn’t work so well, I think the house smelled too much of the dog. So we decided that the day before we move we’d take the cat to the Vet for a check-up and to board him a few days so we could move and not worry where he was or if he was safe. Luckily the new house has a Florida room that the cat lives in right now. As you can see we’ve gotten pretty creative with the moving boxes!

And lastly, sometimes Einstein behaves himself and is just curious.

checking each other out

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5 thoughts on “The Move.

  1. My first thought when I saw the box tunnel was that you’ll be ready if my grandkids come to visit…that’s what my front hallway looks like ;)
    Glad the move went well!

    • Hi Marie! Thanks for stopping by and glad to hear we’re not the only ones having fun with box tunnels. ;)

  2. Good to see the move went well and you are settling in. Your banana’s look healthy. I still have a lone banana plant in the glasshouse but it survivee winter (again) so Kudos to it! ;) ). At least you don’t have Mexican standoffs like Earl and the feral cat’s have! Earl stands dead still with his tail sticking straight out behind him ready to run at a moments notice. He tries to lure the cats inside his boundary fence and they strut up and down the perimeter hissing and spitting at him! It’s like the Middle East on our home front! Crackers looks very happy and content. You get Karma points for that one :)

    • Hi Fran! Thanks for stopping by. …Yes! I’m quite thankful there’s no standoffs over here, Einstein would not bode so well. ;)

    • I think Einstein would win the confrontation to be honest but we will let your little dog think that they are the boss…for now! ;)

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