Potting the garden to move.

Potting the garden to move is what I worked on today.

I managed to pot almost half of the peppers. I was originally going to pot 4 peppers but after digging in the shed for a pot for the tomatillo I found more pots. Lucky me! And yes, I agree the pots for the peppers are a bit small. …shh don’t tell the peppers. ;)

Thankfully the replacement tomatoes I started awhile back (transplant shock) are still small enough that they were easy to re-pot. I did bury them deep again in hopes they produce even better than in the box.  …I agree with you, the tomatoes are a bit crowed but I’m outta large pots/tubs so fingers crossed for them.

tomato tub

And lastly, today’s harvest. In my effort to clean up the yard I dug up all the sweet potatoes, they were planted in those potato grow bags. Picked a Striped Roman and 2 Black Cherries along with a Kiwi and Black Sea Man that weren’t ripe. Something decided to take a bite out of one of the Kiwis and realized it wasn’t ripe and left it. So I picked what was almost ripe. I also picked 2 limes and the only ripe blueberry.


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5 thoughts on “Potting the garden to move.

  1. How exciting to be moving but what a pain to have to pot up the garden to go. My mum moved later in life and had to leave all of her precious deciduous trees that she planted from saplings behind. It was heartbreaking for her to see them all cut down to make way for units but she did manage to spend a month moving plant material between her house and her new unit until work started so she ended up with quite a lot of “home” at her new place.

    • Yes, we are super excited! Luckily my most time consuming plants were planted in big pots already (citrus, pomegranate, blueberry) so they don’t need to be dug up. Most of the backyard are plants in pots so hopefully the new house will have that “home” feeling too. …Fingers crossed! :)

    • Nothing like an instant potted garden to make you feel at home :)

  2. You’re getting there…I used to plant in buckets and washtubs, too, but every time we moved, the plants had to stay behind…no room in the van for them, and the animals, AND the kids. They were the obvious choice ;)

    • Thanks! Thankfully, we aren’t moving that far and can make multiple trips so I get to bring whatever I can fit in a container. …luckily for the pets! ;)

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