How does one transplant a Banana pup?

How does one transplant a Banana pup?…a rather large banana pup.

We’re moving in a few weeks so I need to start cleaning up the garden. One of the things on my to-do list is trying to take at least one of the banana pups with us.

banana trees

We started looking for a new house a couple of months ago so I decided not to re-seed the corn in the small box. And since the squash was eaten by some sort of pest I used that tub instead. The poor cukes were eaten too so they were re-seeded as well. This way we won’t loose all of the summer garden when we move.

I also plan on getting rid of the eggplants so I can use those 2 tubs to transplant some of the peppers and maybe some of the smaller tomato plants. Fingers crossed!

Other exciting things going on in the garden are that the gladiolas (well, gladiola) bloomed. I only got one (thanks kitty ;)) and it was beautiful. I think my Dad would have loved it (our favorite flower) and been proud of me for being able to grow it.

…Thanks Fran and Marie for being right about it!


And lastly, I’m starting to transition Crackers to become an inside cat. Right now all I’m doing is bringing him inside to eat. The poor kitty just shakes the entire time but seems to be curious. I think he’ll be ok, the dog is another story. I’m not sure how I’ll introduce them face-to-face yet. I would love some suggestions, tips or tricks!


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5 thoughts on “How does one transplant a Banana pup?

  1. New adventures, new gardens! Do you have a new place yet?
    I might have been able to ID the flower, but bananas are waaaay outside my expertise :)

    • Hi Marie, yes we have a new place, very excited and can’t wait to start a new vegetable patch. I’m saddened that I have to leave most of my hard work behind but that’s life I suppose. :) …Hmm, looks like I’ll have to do some research about banana trees.

  2. It will be exciting to be part of your moving experience without having to actually pack up and go myself. Moving has knobs on! ;). Kudos on taking crackers as well but no idea how to integrate him with the dog. We have 1 clever dog (Bezial) who will walk amongst the interloper feral cats with blinkers on and won’t even look at them and one willful dog (Earl) who wants to kill every last one of them…sigh…

    • Hi Fran, yes the cat comes with us. He’s become part of the family, can’t leave him behind now. :) Crackers is more like Bezial and could care less about the dog until the dog starts yelling at him then he’s outta there, lol. Einstein is more like Earl and wants to eat the cat when he sees him…not realizing the cat’s bigger than him! …sigh…;)

    • I dare say that Einstein would suddenly learn a lesson in etiquette when it comes to cats if they were face to face…I think Crackers might just come out on top there ;)

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