Tropical Storm Andrea, Caterpillars and Peppers

Tropical Storm Andrea, caterpillars and peppers have been my main focus in the garden the past few weeks.

The storm brought us a week of rain and not a lot of time to play in the garden. Once the weather cleared up enough for me to venture back out there I noticed that the tomatoes were under attack by these weird little caterpillars. I’m having trouble identifying them but none the less they had to go. I hand picked them off the plants then sprayed just to make sure what was left died.

While I was inspecting the rest of the garden I noticed the cukes were suffering from an attack as well. These caterpillars I’m very familiar with…Hornworms.

They had to go too!

Once I felt I had the caterpillars under control I focused on planting the pepper seedlings. They did not care for all that rain and being stuck in pots for so long, they were turning yellow. I was concerned when I planted them they would suffer from transplant shock and die.

I’m happy to report they all made it (so far, fingers crossed) and are turning green again. And yup, everyone got a collar!

Some of the more exciting things going on in the garden right now are that the eggplants are starting to bud.

cambodian green giant eggplant

The possibility of watermelons…


and cantaloupes.

I finally feel confident in saying we will get at least 2 Meyer Lemons this year.

Although the bottom one (with the scratch marks) looks like some creature feels the same way.

meyer lemons

And my most prized crop…the tomatoes.

Striped Roman, Kiwi and Black Sea Man are the first to fruit

Some of the more friendly creatures I’ve encounter in the garden are Monarch caterpillars and frogs.

Always happy to see them.

And lastly, my two favorite creatures…Crackers and Einstein.

Crackers helps me in the garden by keeping watch. For what, I don’t know. But I’m happy for the company.

The two animals are still secluded from each other and Einstein seems to be ok with that as long as he gets his daily walk…which exhaust him.

puppy after walk

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