Spring Planting.

It’s one of my favorite times of the year again, spring planting!

The last few couple weeks we’ve been busy getting the garden in order to plant. On one of the days I was cleaning out the tree roots from my boxes I broke my favorite garden tool. I must admit I felt defeated that day because of it.

The day we got fresh dirt was pretty exciting. (thanks Craig for the help) Lots of lifting and bending, good exercise. This year we added in a bunch of compost/manure to the dirt in hopes that I’ll need to fertilize less often. I usually just use starter fertilizer when I plant the seedlings and then every month or so add in some granulated fertilizer.

4. new soil

The cole crops in the little box weren’t ready to harvest and I was on the fence about what I was going to do with them. Transplant, leave or just remove them? Transplanting won out. I just couldn’t get rid of them so I went in search of my potato grow bags. The grow bags are pretty convenient, they fold flat for storage and are quite cheap. The tomato plant at the front of the box was doing so well that I cleaned it up a bit and left it there.

10. little box cole crops moved

They don’t seem to like that I moved them, they’ve been dropping leaves like crazy. (sad face)

However, the eggplants, squash and cukes are happy and growing fast.

I planted corn and melons in the little box…And don’t worry everybody got a collar!

I read on-line or in a magazine that if you put a collar on your seedlings it helps keep cutworms from eating them at the soil line. I use toilet paper/paper towel rolls to make them. I try for at least 2″ but I don’t always estimate well. I also left space between each corn seedling so that I could direct-seed more corn.

The tomato box looks good and most of the tomatoes have made it, I’ve only lost 3 so far. Transplant shock, grr!!

I’ve already started new ones. And yes, they got collars too.

The animals have been happy to “help” me in the garden lately.

As much as I appreciate them being out there with me they do make my day a lot longer…I’ve been taking too many pictures of their cute faces!

The rest of the yard is enjoying the warm weather too.

The winter sunflowers have bloomed for the last time and I got my first carnation of the season.

The garden spiders have been building webs all over the yard. They look really cool in the early morning light…hard workers for sure.

And lastly, The sweet potatoes are spreading out nicely.

The peppers are ready to be planted next week and hopefully the basil catches up to everyone else soon.

While I’m doing that next week I’m also going to have to re-seed the corn because something ate all those seeds. (sad face again)

21.eaten corn seeds

Oh, Fran! Our friend Craig tasted one of the blueberries on day 5. He said it wasn’t ready so on day 10 I tried one and it was perfect. ;)

18. blueberries

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3 thoughts on “Spring Planting.

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  2. Thanks for following my blog. Your own blog is really nice. You’ve got lots going on there.

  3. :). I have yet to try blueberries here. They do really well in Tassie and we have friends with a farm but I keep seeing those little furry opposable possum thumbs in my mind whenever I think of buying some… they aren’t cheap here! ;) Cheers for the link to Serendipity Farm by the way :)

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