Business as usual.

It’s been business as usual…except for the weather.

Feels like summer already and there’s still so much work that needs to be done. The boxes aren’t completely cleaned out yet and I still need to get fresh soil.

(Craig, dinner on Sunday as a bribe? …smoked ribs again)

We barely got to enjoy the winter crops before they started to bolt. But at least we were able to try them, they were quite tasty.


The tomato seedlings are doing the best so far. The pepper seedlings were a mess so I re-potted them early.  They look much happier now.

The poor flower and herb seedlings were eaten completely by an unidentified caterpillar. I was so mad I put it in a pot with water. I know, it drowned and I should feel a little bad about it. But I don’t. That was a lot of work that was wasted. Lucky for me Crackers likes to hang out any time of the day. So I spent a couple of mornings with him and re-seeded the flowers and herbs and sowed the rest of our Summer garden.  Fingers crossed!!

summer seedlings

The rest of the garden is doing great. I spotted the first bunch of grapes and the blueberry bush is covered in berries. The garden snakes are out in full force. Even the Gladiolas and Iris’ are determined to make it, in spite of Crackers deciding it’s his new sleeping spot.

And lastly, I’m suuppeeer excited(!) to have been featured on NBCNews’ #ShareAndTell on Instagram for Earth Day/Week.

NBC Instagram

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4 thoughts on “Business as usual.

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  3. Congratulations on the instagram thingy ;). Crackers rules the roost now I see, and love Love LOVE those garden shots! So gorgeous and green :). That caterpiller looked so fat it probably couldn’t see the water let alone feel its demise…methinks it lived several lives on your lovely babies before it went to the great butterfly farm in the sky! ;)

    • Thank you and you are definitely right about the kitty and that dang caterpillar. :)

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