Day and Night.

Day and night.

That’s how our weather has been lately. A fluctuation of about 20-25 degrees. Which doesn’t sound like much unless you have tiny, precious seedlings to care for. A couple of weekends ago I actually had to cover my citrus trees and a few other summer plants (tomato, sweet potatoes and herbs). Our area didn’t have a freeze warning but all of our surrounding areas did and I wasn’t willing to take a chance.

Overkill? I think not!

Overkill? I think not!

Crackers has been a real trooper dealing with the cold. He’s been hanging out with me during the day enjoying the warm sun and hunting water hoses.

kitty in small box

just chillin’ and still not amused with all the picture taking

hunting the hose again

hunting the hose again

Rick and I came up with a better solution for a barrier for the animals too. We found plant edging that seems to be working so far, fingers crossed(!). The area back to the right is Crackers’ original feeding area, Rick made him a pedestal out of leftover edging stones (you can’t see it in the picture) that will now be where his house sits in the summer. It’s a shady area and out of sight from Einstein. And worse case scenario, if the dog does make it through the kitty fence the front gate is always cracked open so kitty can get out easily.

kitty fence

kitty fence

Last week I had a stomach bug so the poor seedlings were neglected. I was sick for 3 days and took another 2 days to fully get my energy back. Needless to say they spent way too much time inside the dark dining room. The flowers and herbs look the worse, all leggy and pale. Rick did try to help them (surprisingly, thank you sweetie!) by putting them outside and watering them for me.

leggy and fallen over

leggy and fallen over

After I was finally feeling better (and ate non-stop for 2 days) I ventured out to the garden to see what else had been going on in my absence. I was delightfully surprised to see that I had not killed the pomegranate bush after all. He was one of the plants I thought had died last summer, all his leaves fell off last fall. I’m glad I decided to wait and see what he did in the springtime.

pomegranate sprouting

pomegranate sprouting

The other exciting things I discovered were the tomatoes starting to turn red, the cabbage is forming nice little heads and my bulbs are sprouting again. The bulbs in that old wash sink are irises and gladiolas. Fingers crossed (again) that those bloom this year.

cherry tomatoes

turning red…finally!


savoy cabbage

iris or gladiola?

iris or gladiola?

My inside garden is doing well too. The orchid has a flower stalk coming out of it. It hasn’t bloomed in 2 years. And my window seedlings (I call them that because that’s where they sit) are ready to be potted finally. I think they’ve grown enough roots. The first one is a bush that grows on one side of the house. I don’t know what kind of plant it is, other than it’s a bush with flowers and those flowers smell amazing(!) so I needed to grow more of them. The second one is a clipping from a plant my father-in-law gave me last fall. Again, I don’t know the name of that plant but they look like little trees and do well as house plants. I don’t about you but we have problems finding plants that like to be inside. So this was a good solution for us.

orchid sprout

orchid sprout

And lastly, my gardening magazines just got delivered. Just in time for spring reading and a good dose of inspiration.

spring reading

spring reading

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7 thoughts on “Day and Night.

  1. We had sleeping bags, tarps and plastic over our wee plants one night last week ;)

    Where are you located? Tomatoes sure aren’t ripening in my part of the world!

    • I’m in central Florida. I planted one tomato plant with our winter crops and crossed my fingers. Luckily our winter was extremely mild. ; )

  2. Agreed – that’s a glad.
    So happy to see your garden…I still have weeks to go before mine dries out enough to work.

    • Thanks and fingers crossed it’s a glad. Hope you’re staying warm and the little one is feeling better.

  3. My bet is thats a gladioli. I can’t wait to sit near Brunhilda and read…hurry up winter and get here I am SO over summer! Lovely post and a great solution for Crackers and Einstein although I think you will find it would be Einstein that ended up worse for wear after that confrontation! ;)

    • Haha! You are definitely right about the pets and I do hope you’re right about the bulb, gladiolas are my favorite flower. I hope you get some cool weather soon!

    • I would bet money it’s a gladdy as they have that centre thick rib and iris’s don’t :)

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