There’s a new addition.

There’s a new addition to the vegetable garden.

We bought a Meyer Lemon tree at the Saturday Morning Market this past weekend. He looks good, smells amazing and has tons of flowers already.

meyer lemon tree

meyer lemon tree

The Lime tree’s covered with flowers as well. And he’s already setting fruit. I’m starting to dream of salsa and Mojitos!

lime tree

lime tree

I’m hoping the bees decided to stick around for the summer garden. They sure are loving the sunflowers.

mexican sunflower

mexican sunflower

An update on Crackers, the feral cat. He seems to be adjusting well to the back yard. Which makes me a happy, happy girl!

crackers, the garden kitty

crackers, the garden kitty

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7 thoughts on “There’s a new addition.

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  2. good morning, i just popped over from rhode island, I am deeply jealous of your lemon and that lovely lime..we cannot grow those over here at all. How sweet that you were adopted by a cat.. usually it is the other way around, he certainly looks very happy! c

    • Thank you! And yes I agree, we were definitely adopted by the cat. Which is a first for us, so it’s been an unusual experience so far. …..and thankfully incident free! =>

      Sorry to hear that you can’t grow lemons and limes. I can certainly sympathize with having climate issues when wanting to grow certain crops.

  3. Looks like you have a cat! Your Meyer lemon tree looks so healthy – I bought one last year, but the climate here isn’t really suited to lemons, so far we’ve had flowers but no sign of fruit.

  4. Crackers is very at home…Love the pics :)

    • Thank you and I’m hoping Crackers sticks around. I’m getting pretty attached to him. =>

    • He looks like he has a LOT of character and it doesn’t look like he wants to be “anywhere else”…I think your home is now his…mano-a-mano :)

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