Winter Heat Wave.

Winter heat wave? Really?!

That’s what 80°F weather in Florida is being called during our “winter” months. So what’s a girl to do? …Get my seeds going for the summer garden. Yeah, I know. It’s not very impressive yet but just wait a few days for those first seeds to sprout and then the excitement really begins!



peppers, eggplants, herbs and flowers

peppers, eggplants, herbs and flowers

mostly herbs

mostly herbs

Puppy’s (aka Einstein) been “helping” me in the garden getting things ready for spring planting.

Puppy in the tomato box, not sure what he's hunting.

Puppy in the tomato box. I’m not sure what he’s hunting.

Puppy hiding in the herbs.

Puppy hiding in the herbs.


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7 thoughts on “Winter Heat Wave.

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  2. There is nothing so exciting as when those first seeds peek through the soil. I am in the process of going the opposite way to you and contemplating what I am going to plant to fill the winter garden…not to sure what yet but broad beans and brussels sprouts are definates along with kale and silverbeet and lettuce (oops…I think I just fill the garden beds! ;) )

    • One of my favorite things about gardening is when the seeds first sprout. Can’t wait to see what you finally decide on.

    • :) I just picked a pile of perennial seed from alongside the road verge this morning when walking the dogs and have scattered it all through the middle garden. Anything that can grow on the road verge in this heat is welcome to join my lot! :) I think you never stop learning when it comes to gardening…that’s what makes it exciting :)

    • Yes, I definitely learn something new everyday. Good luck with your foraged seeds.

  3. Obviously – he’s hunting YOU! :)
    Love seeing your seedling pots…I still have weeks to go before we’re at that stage :)

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