Crackers, the feral cat.

Crackers, the feral cat…we think.

at the vets

at the vets

He first showed up about a year and a half ago, very skinny, shy and young. I started feeding him and he quickly learned when to show up for food. But he would never let us pet him or get to close. So we assumed he was feral because he never got any friendlier with us. Then about 3 weeks ago he showed up on our property with a shattered canine tooth and had torn his entire lower lip away from his jaw. Ouch!! Poor kitty. So of coarse we had to trap him and get him to the Vet. Thankfully, surgery and recovery went well.

When we first brought him back home we didn’t know what to expect. Was he going to run and we’d never see him again? What if he got hurt again? He can’t become an inside cat. Allergies, the dog and a small house aren’t a good mix to take on that project right now (sad face).

stuck in the rain

stuck in the rain

He did take off, but would show up for food. Then one night he got stuck in the carport due to rain. So Rick put a towel down under my car where he was waiting it out.So it’s been about a week since he first started to nest under my car. We’ve been feeding him in the back yard and have been trying to get him situated back there because we think it’s safer for him. And so far, so good!


exploring the garden with me


hanging out by the fire pit


becoming a kitty plant ;-)


unsure of all the picture taking


he discovered my favorite spot

We might have to change his name to Crackers, the garden kitty. (happy face!)1

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8 thoughts on “Crackers, the feral cat.

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  6. He certainly looks at home and is most definately at ease around you…maybe crackers is there to stay :)

  7. He looks very comfortable in your garden, lounging on your chairs and in your lovely potted plants! He’s adorable, I hope he stays around and keeps safe.

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