The last bits of Summer

The last bits of Summer.



Sadly I was away for most of August and September so the garden didn’t do so well in my absence. All I was able to harvest was a few limes and sweet potatoes. And yes, those are purple sweet potatoes!


purple, white and yellow sweet potatoes

However, I am excited about starting my winter garden. This winter I’m planting lots and lots of dark leafy greens along with the usual broccoli and cauliflower. I also sneaked in a few tomatoes in hope of a mild winter this year…we’ll see what happens. Fingers crossed!!

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6 thoughts on “The last bits of Summer

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  3. those sweet potatoes look massive! yummo. Thanks for the follow, I’m just starting out with my blog, yours looks awesome!

  4. that’s the great thing about a vegetable garden Emily – you always get the opportunity to start again!
    cheers Judith

  5. Firstly, cheers for following Serendipity Farm! Welcome to the fold (and the madhouse ;) ). I love a garden blog and hope you don’t mind me placing you reverantly into my rss feed reader? It might be a bit cramped in there but you have some great company so while it might take me a week to wade through all of my posts, and I might have to get up at 5am every day to get 2 hours spare in my day to read some of them, I WILL get to you :) What a gorgeous little dog :). I am SO envious of your limes and sweet potatoes! Here in Tasmania we can probably grow kumaras (the orange ones with orange flesh) as they grow like topsy in New Zealand and thats pretty much what we are with less snow and a whole lot less rain. We have grown our first veggie garden on Serendipity Farm this year as for the past 2 years we have been clearing the debris of 20 years of my dads abject negligence in the garden and have finally gotten to the point where we can plant a few things that we like (the good part! :) ). I love reading about other people’s exploits in the garden. Steve and I just finished our Diploma of Landscaping after doing our Diploma of horticulture the year before because we are utterly in love with plants. We want to make Serendipity Farm someplace special and have thrown ourselves headfirst into it. We are literally penniless hippies so we have to do everything from scratch and with very little money but that is half the fun! :) I hope you enjoy reading about our exploits on Serendipity Farm and I will love to read about yours. See you soon :)

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