Indigo Rose.

Ahh…Indigo Rose.

This is one of my most unique varieties of tomato’s I’m growing this year. Indigo Rose is a pink mid-size tomato that turns blue (like a blueberry) where the sun shines on them.


indigo rose

I think they are just absolutely gorgeous when fully ripe. The blue color deepens to midnight blue the longer they ripen….oh, and a few yellow grape tomatoes ripened as well.


the color is stunning and unusual

Up next(!)….Pink Vermissage Cherry Tomatoes.

These guys are pink cherry tomatoes with faint green-to-orange stripes.


excited to see the striping

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5 thoughts on “Indigo Rose.

  1. Great colours on that tomato. Thanks for deciding to follow my blog – hope you enjoy it.

  2. Where did you get the seeds for Indigo Rose? I must try these this year!

  3. I grew indigo rose this year too. Very unusual tomato. I liked it a lot and wished I’d gotten more. Maybe I’ll grow more plants in 2013. Thanks for the follow!


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