Feeding the Boxes.

It is time to feed the boxes!

Nothing says love like playing with cow manure.

It’s early Summer here in Florida so I thought it was a good time to fertilize the boxes. We should be getting plenty of rain soon and the plants in the 3 boxes look like they could use some food. I did about 2-2.5″ each of compost and mulch in all 3 boxes.


getting ready

And since I was playing in the dirt I thought it was a good time to plant the 12 basil plants in the tomato box. The basil is a compact type called Emily. Not to worry…I chose that variety for the size not because we share a name.



I rearranged the little box. I planted 2 more marigolds. Then I moved the corn to the back of the box and planted the 3 corn seedlings that were ready and sowed a few rows of corn. Finally, I moved the melons to the front of the box and planted the 2 melon seedlings and sowed some melons at the bottom of the cages. I found some melon seeds that are less than 5lbs when ripe so I can save space and grow them up tomato cages.

I only planted 4 marigold plants in the pepper box. I’m not sure what companion plants the peppers are getting yet.


pepper box on the left, corn box on the right

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