Garden Update: winter vegetables, peppers and seed saving.

Winter vegetables, peppers and seed saving have been the focus in the garden lately.

The Serrano pepper is trying for one last “hooray” before he calls it a day. I find it quit amusing the plant is all stems except for a cluster of flowers.
…grow little pepper, grow!

I was surprised and delighted when I noticed the lime tree not only has that lone fruit but he’s starting to bloom again. There’s several single blooms and a cluster of 4-5 buds. I know that citrus season is during the cooler months but these are young trees still so I’m just tickled pink about it! …hehe!

The acorn squash bloomed but I’m still not going to get too excited. Why? See the mildew on the leaves? Not good, too many damp mornings. Maybe he needs morning sun to dry his leaves faster? I’m not sure, what do you think?

acorn squash flower

The peas!! The peas finally started to flower and is growing pea pods like a boss! Doesn’t the pea flower remind you of a cobra snake, or is it just me?
…Can’t. Wait. To. Eat. Them!!

And lastly, my first “winter” (it’s in the 80’s here) harvest. Lemon peppers, one Serrano and one Shishito. A handful of purple green beans, a couple of wax beans, some radishes and dead Zinnia flowers so I can save the seeds. Not too bad, huh? :)


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